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Layer 1 blockchains are like nations. Basing your smart contracts (e.g. dapps, dao and nft) is like participating in your own country’s economy, but instead you are exploring a cyber economy, a metaverse. Trust in government or trust in code. 


We have chosen to become citizens of Solana. Where code is law and opportunity to write history is given to every citizen. Join our journey of creating a decentralized autonomous organization of gaming through a robust layer 1 blockchain called Solana. 


We will start small by creating a dapp for skill games in a 2d environment and later expanding to the metaverse of VR rooms. Once our ecosystem has expanded we will deploy the DAO mechanism where the user will become the creator. 


This is a very general web 3 talk (dapp, dao, smart contracts and metaverse), therefore, we decided to get a bit more in detail on this mini white paper, but in a white web page format.

Here are some keywords and mechanisms that will be involved behind Gambitbox Metaverse

LAYER 1 BLCOCKCHAIN PROTOCOL provides the bases of web 3, a decentralized and scalable protocol that you can build applications on. One amongst many protocols, Solana Blockchain based on Proof of History has emerged as the most robust protocol to use, thanks to it's speed and affordability. Moreover, their rich ecosystem provides a much more exciting environment to interact with and a lot of useful services to use.

dApps stands for 'decentralized applications'. Same as any app it provides a utility to a user. The difference is that dapps safeguards user privacy and it is censorship resistant. It all achieves that by running it's digital applications on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer. 

You might be asking how are we going to build a decentralized gaming app where anyone will be able to access and win-to-earn SOLHere are some tools that we will be using ...

Creating any application on blockchain can get pretty complicated, however, Anchor makes building Solana Blockchain applications easier by abstracting a lot of heavy lifting. Anchor is a framework for building and interacting with smart contracts on Solana. 

Here are other tools required to deploy a dapp ...

Solana Tool Suite - also contains a documented Command Line Interface (CLI) to interact with the Solana network.

Web3 JavaScript API - The Solana-Web3.js library provides a complete coverage of Solana, which library was built on top of the Solana JSON RPC API.

Furthermore, we will be using Arweave a decentralized data storage protocol that allows you to store documents and applications in perpetuity on a permanent internet. Also, known as the permaweb it will store our NFT art collection's images as well as full web app.

In addition, to deploy NFTs to Solana Network and Arweave's Permaweb, we will be using Metaplex tools. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for upcoming updates. 

Finally, to make the user experience of interacting with our dapp (2d gameplay / dao) easier, React JS helps with the client-side framework. React is a component-based front-end library that is responsible for the view layer of the application.

Our first dApp will feature skill games such as chess, go, poker and mahjong, where you will be able to win-to-earn SOL through tournaments, one-on-one competitive gaming and seasonal scoreboard rewards. You will be able to access just by connecting your phantom wallet

Each wallet on Solana contains a specific signature that will represent your profile. If you want to have a more readable username you will be able to aquire it via Bonfida, where you can register a unique domain on Solana.

Regarding the VR game engine, we will be using Unity, that runs VR immersive games very well. There are already open-source Unity-Solana Wallets with NFT support provided by All Art Protocol.

Thank you for reading until here. Now let the games begin !


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